Public Deliverables of the Project

Deliverable ID Deliverable Name Delivery Date Download Link
D6.1.1 Dissemination Plan April 2016
D6.6.1 State of the art and technology (Year 1) January 2016
D6.6.2 State-of-the-art and technology (Year 2) November 2016
D6.6.3 State-of-the-art and technology (Year 3) September 2017
D6.5.1 Technical-oriented talk about the principles and benefits of the ASSUME-its approach and tooling November 2016
D4.1.0 ASSUME Methodology January 2017
D3.3.0 Interoperability Criteria April 2017
D5.2.0 Advanced Concurrent Static Analysis Toolkit Description August 2018

ASSUME Static Code Analysis Tool Exchange Format (ASEF)

Type Name Date Download Link
Documentation Example Configuration Guide September 2018
Documentation Common Check Semantics September 2018
Documentation Schema Module Structure September 2018
XML/XSD ASEF Schema Files September 2018